Harry B. Platis

Harry B. Platis focuses on auto accidents, medical malpractice and wrongful death claims. Gonzaga Law (JD); WSTLA Eagle. Contributing author, Automobile Accident Litigation Evidence (1990). Counsel on (five) different construction site accident cases which exceeded one million dollars. In 1994, Mr. Platis obtained a jury verdict in an auto collision for $1,038,000 for soft tissue and minor closed head injury. Mr. Platis has successfully tried or settled 3,500 auto cases; childbirth injuries ($1.5 million); podiatry injuries ($270,000); hostpital negligence ($750,000) and ($650,000); Idaho wrongful death ($755,000); 1995 electrocution injuries - Nevada ($550,000); 1998 medical malpractice - intrathecal pump ($735,000); 1999 construction injuries ($780,000); and 1999 auto accident - Oregon ($750,000); 2001 co-counsel - podiatry malpractice ($1.373 million); 2002 co-counsel - Bellingham oil pipeline settlement ($75 million); 2002 - Lowe's Company - Trip and Fall ($100,000); 2002 - child wrongful death (water ski accident) ($550,000); 2004 - auto collision low back injury ($125,000); 2004 - auto collision neck injury ($162,000); 2005 cancer misdiagnoses ($350,000); 2005 - defective highway design - car rollover ($375,000); 2006 - Wilson's Disease missed diagnosis ($850,000): 2011 - Construction site injury ($1,625,000).


We have handled precedent-setting cases in the fields of product injuries, drug liability, defective highway liability, construction site injuries and sexual harassment. Our law firm has won million dollar verdicts for our clients. In Snohomish County, we hold the single largest soft tissue injury verdict at $1,038,000. Our primary areas of practice have included automobile accidents, product liability, highway design liability, construction site accidents, medical malpractice, and maritime cases.


The Platis Law Firm, consisting of two attorneys, exclusively practices plaintiffs' personal injury law. It is a cruel fact of life that hard-working people can suffer from the negligence of others. We specialize in assisting families through the resulting severe injuries, including paraplegia, serious head injury or wrongful death. The injuries often result from automobile accidents, medical malpractice, job-related accidents, and product liability.

Platis Law Firm Personal Injury and Trial Attorneys will help you exercise your legal rights that exist for injured parties and their families. We believe most lawsuits and insurance claims will end in settlement.

However, if your case proceeds to court, we have a long history of achieving substantial verdicts in the areas of medical malpractice, construction site negligence, product liability, automobile accidents and accidents due to poor highway design.


  • MEDICAL MALPRACTICE - Physician,Hospital & Nursing Home Negligence, Childbirth Injuries.
  • PERSONAL INJURY - Head / Neck / Back Injuries, Spinal Cord & Paralysis, AUTO ACCIDENTS - Auto, Motorcycle, Bicycle, Pedestrian Burn / Chemical / Toxic Injuries, Electrocution / Maritime / Slip, Trip & Fall Injuries.
  • PRODUCT LIABILITY - Defective Products.

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